Scared Friend List?

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I have to do a better job at learning how to forgive. We all do. Somehow we forget about people who really know how to bring out the worst in you. Those my friends, are your enemies.

They may start off as your friend, learning just enough about you before stabbing you in the back. They may be honest about disliking you to the point of being declared an enemy. All that matters, you now have is a bond that will impact you negatively unless you take steps to protect yourself.

In my never ending search to share pointless facts with you, I searched my beloved reddit for a subreddit that might address this. I found r/scaredfriendlist, which is subreddit that is for people who find themselves screwed by a friend and being able to let go of the grudge.

Being able to let go of grudges is harder to than you think. We have to remember, with a grudge, you are bound together. So closely, you may need a cord cutting ceremony due to the toxicity coming from the situation or event. Wounds cut that deep, which is why you may want to consider placing your enemies on a scared friends list.

Scared friends are people who you can’t forgive, have caused serious harm to you or someone you love, or have seriously betrayed you in anyway. These are people who require daily prayer, and prayer only. For all other actions, no contact is highly recommended.

Stay thirsty for knowledge.

Doc Bunny

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