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I understand, I really do. Life is throwing a lot at us these days and it’s exhausting. It’s easy to lose your faith, but now more than ever, faith is needed the most.

Even when life is falling down around you, when your life plans are falling apart at the seams, keep faith that everything thing will find a way of working out. Even if it doesn’t seem that way at this very moment.

It’s gonna be ok…

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No, we aren’t in the Sound of Music…

If you have watched any of my videos, you’ll notice I have quite the collection of Funko Pops! in my background. They all mean something to me and I would consider myself quite the box snob.

There. I said it.

I found this really informative article that is worth checking out if collecting Pops! is your thing too.

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I consider myself lucky and I’m grateful. This week I had all of my kids together at the same table when I asked all of them point blank if they were suicidal what they should do if they ever felt that way. My girls looked at me with surprised shock and my son said, “Mom, that’s something that I wouldn’t do. You would kill me.” That statement made me feel so much better that I got my point across.

Some of my friends aren’t so lucky.

The reason for my concern is because one of my friends was devastated this week upon learning their child took their own life.

I think Donna Lee would want me to say something about this. She would never want anyone to go through what she is going through, not even her enemy. Her heartbreak is visible through her strength, everyone can see this. Donna wants everyone to know that suicide is real and so is the struggle. It happened to her. It happened to someone she gave birth to, and I can’t even imagine her sorrow.

How I can best help is by sharing a pledge from one of the biggest suicide prevention and awareness advocate I know, Boone Culter. Boone created this pledge and people all over the world abide by it. Myself included. Check out Boone’s Spartan Pledge YouTube.

The Spartan Pledge asks you not to take your life by your own hand and to find another mission. It’s pretty simple, but not easy. Call someone who can help you work yourself through your issue and join the mission to end suicide. Choose life. That’s my addition to it. Choose life.

Donna Lee would want me to tell you all that.

If you are feeling suicidal please call 1.800.273.8255. Then follow that up with a visit to you mental health provider as soon as possible.

One thing I can’t stress enough is if you are feeling like ending your life, be honest with you mental health provider. This is something they need to know as part of your treatment plan. Get help if you need it, take care of your mental health. It takes strength to battle your demons. I have faith and believe in you, I know you are scared by you’ve got this. Ask for help.

I can’t take anymore mother’s crying. Any child who commits suicide truly breaks our hearts.

I am begging and imploring you to Choose Life.

When “Who gets to go jogging without getting shot?” is an actual question a society has to ask, that society is fundamentally flawed.

‘Shots fired. Male on ground, bleeding out.’