Cooler Heads…

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I can’t stop myself from crying, I don’t recognize this country right now.

This week has been a revelation to me. I’m ways that are both good and bad to the collective consciousness. In this time of darkness, I do hold hope for the future. I hold hope that we can have an HONEST discussion of the issues that are driving these violent protests.

One of the issues that is dogging us as a society is the way we are stereotyping people. Protestors are doing it to cops, cops stereotype citizens everyday. How we are dealing with each other as people is a consequence of the stereotypes we all have about every race in America.

We are doing a bad job listening to each other and we need to do better. RIGHT NOW.

Take a moment at this time and listen to me.

According to Vogue Sewing, the writer makes the specific point “Remember that colors should never be seen as isolated entities, but in relation to each other.” That’s where we are going wrong. We see each other as separate, when we should be working together.

Is racism a real issue? HELL YES racism is a real issue. I have personally dealt with it in my life from people who I thought were friends. My friends deal with it at work and at the store when we get “extra scrutiny” to make sure no theft is taking place, and society as a whole deals with it when a police officer brutalizing a class of people because we have allowed them to get away with it. I don’t believe I have live a day in my entire life without being subjected to some form of racism, and neither can you.

That has to change RIGHT NOW.

This starts with Law Enforcement Officers. Part of the reason why you are held in distain is some communities is your INSISTENT NEED to stand behind the badge when your brothers and sisters are behaving like the animals you are supposed to be protecting the citizens from. Your actions tell us you don’t wish to be held accountable when you are wrong, especially when you are dead wrong. You’ll just go along because of peer pressure and I can’t respect that. Neither can anyone else. In this case, bad apples are ruining the bunch of you. Respect must be earned, start earning it by cleaning your house of the garbage that pollutes it in the form of scumbags you work with.

For looters and criminals who are hoping to use this time by committing crimes against your brothers and sisters and businesses that are staples to your communities, bless your hearts. I hope you are prosecuting to the fullest extent of the law, mans and God’s. Shame on you for taking a crisis and behaving badly. Someone is seeing what you doing, whether it’s surveillance or God. I hope you have an excellent excuse for doing what you are doing. I urge you to stop, please.

To the communities that are protesting inequality and injustice have some work to do too. The violent protests have got to end. PERIOD. I get the fact you are pissed off at our government. I can’t think of a day when I don’t think our government has failed it’s citizens in ways we aren’t aware of at this time. Our government is not going to save us. WE HAVE TO SAVE OURSELVES. We can start by participating in government. It’s amazing what they think they can get away with when no one is looking. START LOOKING. Look how your official are doing their jobs, pay attention to how they vote and for goodness sake: government officials will be trying their best to govern without comment from their constituents using the excuse of “Social distancing”. That only goes so far. We need to start recalling people from office who vote and govern for their personal gain, their voting record will tell you everything you need to know. Let them know you see what they are doing.

Cooler heads have to prevail. As long as you can’t see where someone is coming from you will never be able to understand them. When you feel the need to judge someone according to race or social class, please think about this one statement:

Walk a mile in their shoes.

If you can get through the 5,280 feet without a change in perspective, then you are doing it wrong.

We get through the first step of this process with a change of perspective. Do your own research, we all have to stop blindly believing and ask questions. More on that another time. Blessings…


Psalms 31:24

Yesterday, I cried.

Yesterday, two of my greatest nightmares in life were in my face, up close and in person.

One was I cried in public, the other that it was recorded on Zoom. This morning, I was mortified until coming to the clearest realization in my life…

I am going to have to get the fuck over it. Seriously.

The reason for the torrent of my tears is a simple one: my heart is breaking from what I am seeing happening in my country. I can’t believe what I’m witnessing and I have no words.

But as my friend Markeis said, I am not sorry for expressing my emotion. Neither am I.

Police violence and injustice is WRONG. We need to change laws to make Law Enforement Officials accountable for their behavior instead of hiding and running behind their badge whenever they behave like the animals they are supposed be protecting citizens from. I urge the City of Minneapolis and the State of Minnesota to do the right thing. Now is the worst time in the history of the world to be caught on camera doing the wrong thing. If the state’s autopsy on Mr. Floyd is an indication on the lengths government officials will cover up wrongdoing, I urge you to consider one, small but important fact: your name is on all documentation and paperwork. Your decision needs to stand the test of time. Will it be able to?

The protesters who are inciting violence by shooting people, looting and burning businesses, and taking advantage of the misery of others also need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. I understand your frustration of not being heard. We all do, but violence will never solve that in the long run. NEVER. The only thing it will do is make a bad situation worse. Please stop violently protesting.

What should we do? Besides prayer, the only solution available is simple. We need to put our thinking caps on and figure out a way to protest without the use of violence. It’s more important now more than ever.

Any ideas?

Doc Bunny